Creating a Common Core Culture

Common Core State Standards incorporate the skills that students need for college and careers such as creative thinking, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication arts.

Does your school culture reflect those skills and support their integration into the instructional program and school life?

Learn how to create a school culture that embraces the Common Core State Standards and truly integrates them into the fabric of the school.   By examining an organization like GE, schools can learn best practices from a company whose success is driven by creativity and innovative thought---the very skills that ensure success in the Common Core.


FUEL for Growth

How does your business or organization grow and thrive—even in tough economic times? Learn how GE has survived over 100 years from a company insider. A former Vertical Marketing Manager at GE, Dr. Ray Lauk has distilled the successful leadership and management behaviors at GE that can be adapted by other organizations and lead to delivering extraordinary results! Participants learn how to adapt the GE leadership and management behaviors to “FUEL” their organization’s success. The program serves as an excellent team building activity for employee groups that may be challenged by the stresses in today's economic environment.


New Bestselling Book

FUEL for Learning explains how to create a school culture that achieves results! Dr. Ray Lauk, a suburban Chicago school superintendent, explains how his experience at GE has transformed his approach to school improvement. FUEL for Learning is a proven formula for improving classrooms, schools, and school districts!