Speeches and Programs


Storytelling as Leadership

Great leaders are great communicators, and the best communicators are great storytellers.  Stories help the audience understand your message and remember your key points.  Stories also reveal insights about yourself that add to your authenticity as a leader and reinforce your core message.

Participants will learn the elements of effective storytelling and the importance of incorporating relevant stories into their speaking.   In a workshop format, participants will then practice creating and delivering their own stories and receive immediate feedback in order to improve them and tell more powerful stories.


Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurs are passionate, dynamic, visionaries who operate with boundless enthusiasm and energy.  They see problems as opportunities to overcome.  They are creative types who care deeply about their people and solving problems.

Learn the seven key behaviors of successful entrepreneurs that you can apply to your own leadership.  Whether you are leading a company, division, sales team, school staff, or other organization, you can successfully apply these behaviors to make your group more entrepreneurial, dynamic, and robust!


FUEL for Growth

The GE culture is unique and has evolved over its 100 years of existence.  That culture literally drives its people and operations.  Learn the inside secrets of the GE culture from a former marketing manager at GE.   These five elements of the GE culture are adaptable and can be incorporated into the culture of a broad range of organizational types to become more effective, results-driven, and successful.  Grow your business by learning from one of America’s “most admired companies.”

This program is appropriate for CEOs, managers, sales leaders, and others who lead teams.


FUEL for Learning

The program is similar to the FUEL for Growth program, but is specially tailored for schools and school districts.  Based on the book, FUEL for Learning, this program is designed for school board members, superintendents, principals, and other school leaders who want to foster a school culture and climate that increases student achievement and employee satisfaction.


School Management and Operations Consulting:


·      Finance and Budget

·      Management and Operations

·      Leadership Development

·      School Marketing and Communications




·      Finance and Budget

o   Financial Analysis, Planning & Forecasting

o   Budget Development, Preparation & Analysis

o   Budget Presentations

o   Business Office Practices, Policies, and Procedures


·      Management and Operations Audits and Improvement

o   Managerial Effectiveness

o   Buildings & Grounds Assessments and Training

o   Culture and Climate


·      Leadership Development

o   Leadership Team Assessments and Audits

o   Leadership Team Training

o   Storytelling as Leadership


·      School Marketing and Communications

o   Marketing Strategy Sessions

o   Marketing Plan Development and Implementation

o   Communications Plan Development and Implementation